Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Rain

Hi Friends, I woke up this morning to a loud noise I started barking at it...but it didn't go away. My mom open the back door for me to go outside as usual but there was water falling everywhere (I don't really like water too much).
I usually run outside but not today...I just sat and looked at all that water. Was I going to get a bath (I don't like baths).....I wasn't sure.

My mom and to give me a little push to get outside.
I couldn't believe my eyes............there was water everywhere. My mom said it was RAIN.
I was trying to catch some in my mouth...........not bad.
After a while I kind of liked I just in the grass to take it all in.

P.S.- I passed my Star Puppy and my Canine Good Citizen tests last weekend. I will show you my Star Puppy Medal when I get it. My mom sent for it in the mail.
My dad weighed me last night and I weigh 51 lbs. I can't believe I gained 10 pounds since my last post. My dad still holds me on his lap in the recliner though.