Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi Friends

Hi friends, I have not been doing much lately..........just taking a lot of naps. Well that's not really all but nothing too exciting to post about. I love that it's Spring Break and most of my family are home this week (except my dad.......he has to work). It rained here today and I really like the rain. It is so fun to catch raindrops in your mouth and to play in the mud. My mom seems to be unhappy when I leave muddy paw prints everywhere.

A cat came by to visit tonight. I was napping by the siding glass door...I opened my eyes and there it was......a cat. Of coarse I went crazy and was barking uncontrollably. Mom would not let me outside to see it.......she thought I might hurt it because I was so excited. After mom saw that it was farther away she let me out and I started barking louder....I think it left our yard.......too bad....I just wanted to be friends. My family thinks I am a great barker.