Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Summer

Hi friends.....I hope you are all having a fun summer. I love having my boy home everyday to play with me ( in between my napping). He went to an arcade and got me this huge tennis ball with some of his tickets. I love chasing it around the house, but I just can't get my mouth around it. I don't know if you can tell but I got my first haircut a few weeks ago. They trimmed all of my fringes off. My family thought it would help with all the shedding I do ......but I don't think it worked. My mom has to vacuum every day to keep up with all of my hair flying around.
My mom does not seem to be working on my blog at all lately......I don't know why. Maybe I can talk her into it again. This year she has been trying to prepare mostly organic food and has been spending more time cooking (she does not like to cook) than she did before. Maybe that's why. I hope you have a great summer.


  1. Hi, Lexi!
    Glad to see you again!
    Sounds like your mom has been busy!
    I am sure you are enjoying this summer with your boy at home!
    He got a big ball for you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hi ya sweetie pie! That is one super ball!! Bet it wouldn't sneak down the street drains, like my expensive orange rubber ones do....hmmmm might have to look into such a fantastic rolly!
    Have a fun summer to see more of ya :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Hi Lexi! So glad to see you again. I sure hope your mom can find the time to work on here again! We all have missed you!
    That orange ball looks awesome. Simba would be jealous! Hehe! He got his first hair got a few weeks ago too, and nope, didn't help the shedding, but he sure looks nicer! :-) Have a good day!

  4. Hi Lexi,

    I'm happy to hear you are having fun with your boy. We are taking a little break from blogging too cause mom says we are not doing anything worth posting about. Love that ball!


  5. Hi Lexi!! It's great to see you again!! I totally understand about how the summer can be so busy because there's so much going on--Especially if it's cooking, the kitchen is always where it's happening at our house, just ask our crew!!

  6. Hi Lexi, great to see you again.
    Sometimes you have to sit the human down and have a little talk with them about posting. They need to be reminded from time to time.
    That is such a huge ball!!!

    Sam & June

  7. Hi Lexi
    Wow you must be a very lucky dog ....I wish I would live in California;-))

    Swiss hughs from Kayla

  8. Lexi is so cute! Don't you just love goldens?

  9. Hi Lexi!!!!!! I am sooooo happy to see you back again!!! I have an award for you - please drop by my blog to claim it!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!!