Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Napping Under the Christmas Tree

My mom caught me while I was napping (which isn't hard to do) for this picture. It's been raining here for days and I don't get my walks in every day...so I have to nap more than usual.
This is one of my new Christmas dresses. My other one is black velvet. This one is all sparkly.....my mom loves sparkles. I heard my mom say that some of those presents under the tree are mine. I can't wait to see what they are. I hope I get some new stuffies because I have unstuffed and ripped up my old ones. I wouldn't mind a Bully stick or two either. I love those things. I don't think my mom is going to take me to see Santa Claus this year. Even with all the training I've had when I get around new humans I go crazy.......I love to see new humans!!!


  1. Oh Lexi, you look so pretty in that sparkly dress!!!!!
    Why is there a jail around your Christmas tree? Is the tree in trouble or something?
    I hope it gets released in time for Christmas! BOL

  2. You look sooo pretty in your dress! Hope you have a very merry christmas!

  3. Ahhhh! Sweet dress, beautiful tree, lovely napping and hope you enjoy all your pressies!!
    Merry Christmas Lexi!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. Lexi - wow you look so comfy and cute!!

    Love, Charlie

  5. Hi Lexi

    What a beautiful dress you have and the christmas tree...wow, it look's so great! Unfortunately I have not such a nice dress like you, but a half meter snow in the garden;-))

    I wish you Merry Christmas

    woof, woof

  6. Dat is a nice dress even me a guy can see dat!

  7. Where do you get your dresses? They are always so pretty! I'd like to have an outfit for Sam (not a dress though!).


  8. Hi Lexi,

    Simba's Mom here, just responding to your comment on my blog about your feet. Email me at paige350z@gmail.com and answer a couple of these questions, I am sure I have lots of advice for you.

    Are the paws red?
    How do they look?
    How often does she lick?
    Have you seen the vet about it, if so, what has the vet done?
    What have you tried so far?

    I've had over a year now of bad paws with Simba, and I have alot of information and advice I hope will be able to help Lexi.


  9. Hy Lexi
    At the Blog of Kayla I have read, that you never have seen snow!? Dear dog ;-), but i can see you have other conveniences like your ownchristmas- dress: looks great! Wish you a merry christmas and a lot of delicious dog-goodies