Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Got My Last Puppy Shots Today !

I got my last shots today and I am so excited because now mom says I can go out into the world. Maybe the park.......maybe a doggie beach.......maybe anywhere !!  My mom and boy got me these new toys today. Pink and's favorite colors. I think they got them for me because they felt bad that I had to get shots.  But I really don't care what the reason is because I love new toys to play with.


  1. Look out world, here comes Lexi! We love your pink stuffie!

  2. Oh Lexi! You are just the cutest doggie and I love your pink toy! You look very happy with it and welcome to the outdoors world! You're gonna love it!
    Hugs xo

  3. Hi Lexi!
    Welcome! You are going to have lots of fun at the park ,at the beach, anywhere!
    Your new toys look very cool!


  4. HI Lexi,

    Shots aren't on my list of favorite things, but if it means you get to go out into the world, I guess it is worth it.

    Have fun with those new toys!

    Wags & wiggles,

  5. Hey there Lexi
    We are so happy you finally have your 'stamp of approval'! Who is going to take you for all your walks? - is it your boy?
    Lotsof luv and licks
    Max & Co in sunny South AFrica

  6. Hi Lexi! Its very nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I dont know if you were able to translate it. I hope so.



  7. Hi Lexi!
    You are very brave...I don't like shots at all. I have a pink loofah puppie like yours and I LOVE it! Have fun.
    Luv, Lucy

  8. Hey Lexi!
    Thanks for coming to visit me! I see we're almost the same age (I was born on Jan. 2nd) AND we have the same puppy squeaky toy (mine's hot pink).
    Glad your shots are over--whew! Don't we puppies have to put up with a *ton* of shots?!
    Your new pal,

  9. i wish you could come to my doggie beach and play wiff me Lexi... it's soo fun and sooo many nice doggies to play wiff woo too