Friday, June 19, 2009

Me & My Boy ~ 1st day of Summer

This is the 1st morning of summer (yesterday) for my boy and me. Mom put a blanket on the sofa so I can go on it. Dad doesn't really want me on the sofa but mom lets me sit on it.  I love laying there with my boy.......well for a little while.
I love giving my boy big sloppy kisses.

I also like bitting his hair........he doesn't like that as much......I'm not sure why.
The rest of the day we played,  I napped,  I stayed home with my girl for a while when my mom and boy went on errands and then I went to puppy training.  I am learning how to take walks and not be distracted by anything.  It is so hard when you have to walk past other puppies , big doggies and humans (and even treats)...........but I am working on it. My trainer said I did a good job.


  1. There's nothing better than lying around with your peeps!

  2. you are so cute lexi! the cutest golden i have ever seen!


  3. HI Lexi,

    I see you and your boy are going to have a lot of fun this summer! I'm sure you will do a terrific job at those puppy classes.

    Wags & wiggles,

  4. good job Lexi... there is NO WAY I can be trained to stop looking @ treats and being distracted by the 2 leggers and other dogs.. OMDOG THAT'D BE SO HARD TO DO... MY HUMOM SAYS I NEED TRAINING BUT... I HAVEN'T GONE.. I'M BEING a little more good than I was.. I'm not going to remind her so dont say anything about training okay..
    high five Lexi

  5. You are absolutely adorable...big kisses to you!

  6. Lexi - Thanks for (repeatedly!) visiting and I've finally nudged my secty enough for her to add you to her blog list - yay! You are so just adorable, child. And your ma or pa sure know how to take the pawsome pix! Are you pals yet with Sierra Rose? If not, you will be shortly, I'm sure! I can't exactly remember the URL, but I have it on my blog list! Have a great weekend!
    Hugs xo

  7. PS I see that SR is following you, so I bet you are doing the same hehee!

  8. You are a very lucky boy! :)

    And those are nice photos.



  9. Hi there Lexi
    You really are a cutie-pie! Enjoy your time with your boy - he obviously adores you!
    Lotsaluv Max &Co in sunny South AFrica

  10. How adorable! Give that puppy a kiss for me to! :) Cassandra