Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is me now !

This is how I look now. My mom took these pictures yesterday. She says I am growing really fast. My family doesn't hold me as much as they used to......I guess I am getting too big for that (20lbs). But they still pet me and play with me all of the time. I like to sit with my boy on the sofa when no on else is looking and my dad lets me sit in the recliner with him in the morning. My mom says I can sleep on my boys bed (or my mom and dad's) as soon as I can jump up there myself. I am still working on it.
This is one of my pink toys...a perfume bottle (dog toy). They really buy me a lot of toys and I notice they give me one right away when I am chewing on the furniture or their clothes........I love socks. I also love to rip paper up and if they forget to close the bathroom door the toilet paper is mine !


  1. Pink is my favorite color!! I really like your background. You are the cutest little puppy ever! Just some advice from a older pup you will get so many more toys and treats if you stay away from furniture!

    your new friend,

  2. Awwwwwwwww!
    You are so cute, Lexi.

    Thor xxx

  3. Hi Lexi....

    You have a nice blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Mom said she can't wait to see you grow up. Humans are so silly!!

    Diego Dog

  4. Hi Lexi, you are sooooo cute!!! Thx for visiting my blog, I can never have too many golden friends!!! Look forward to following you on all your adventures!!!


  5. Hi Lexi! Nice to meet you!
    Lots of kisses
    Rufus and Indie

  6. Hi Lexi! I have something for you on my blog.:)

    Thor xxx

  7. Hi Lexi!!!
    What a sweetie you are!
    I am right behind you and am only nearing my month TWO.... come visit if you like....

  8. Hi Lexi,

    Thanks for following my blog. I have added you to my blog list and am now following you so I can keep in touch.

    My mom thinks you are a very cute pup. She says you remind her of a Golden/Lab mix that she once had. Her name was Savannah. She has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Pink is my favorite color too!

    Wags & wiggles,

  9. Don't worry, you will enjoy stealing socks and chew on them even when you grow up hehe :)