Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worn out from blogging !

I was laying on my boy's bed today doing a little blogging and I got so tired I could hardly hold my eyes open. So.................I took a little nap ........his bed is so comfy. But when I woke up there was no one in the room but me, so I started barking (I haven't quite leaned how to jump off the bed yet...it seems so far down). Mom came to help me.....she put the ottoman next to the bed and I could get off it by myself. I know what you' re thinking....oh she is a big puppy she should be able to jump off the bed .............well all I can say is..... I am working on it.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh sweet Lexi....
    what a terrific awakening....
    when puppy wake up from a sweet nap and don't found no one with her it must be very very bad!!!!
    But we're very happy your mommy going to save you !!!!!!!!!!
    Don't worry dear girl...sure you'll become a big girl and will be able to jump down the bed!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So you could run where your parents are waiting you after your nap!!!!
    You look sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses baby!!!!!

  2. Sweet Lexi! That's ok you still are a little puppy! One day you will jump like an agility doggie!
    Rufus and Indie

  3. All in good time Lexi, once your humans realize you can do it on your own you will lose leverage. =)

  4. Oh Lexi you're so soo cute *_*

    Don't worry about not be able to jump off the bed. When I was like you I needed someone to pull me to the sofa and I didn't go to beds, I was scared of them... If I needed to go out of high places I could do two things: I cried or I was brave and, not giving importance to the gravitational force, I jumped in the air and forget about the way I could really land on the floor...

    So soon you'll be able to jump off the bed easily (or not). Just don't get hurt :D


  5. Ohhhh, don't you worry about that, Lexi. You'll be jumping off and on pretty much everything in afew months... :) Just enjoy your puppyhood!



  6. I don't blame you for barking. First you awaken and find yourself alone. Then you realize you're a mile high off the floor! I'd let someone know about it too!
    Hugs xo

  7. Hi Lexi,

    I agree blogging is hard work. I know you will soon be jumping on and off the bed just like the big dogs! (We have doggie steps so we don't have to jump on or off the bed.)

    Wags & wiggles,

  8. Oh Lexi, you are so adorable, I would have barked too!!!


  9. You are too darn cute for your own good, Lexi!
    And smart, too, to call for help!
    Your pal,

  10. No worries you will figure it out soon enough!!! =)

  11. Lexi it took me several months to have enough courage to jump off the sofa - forget the bed - although I can jump pretty high I still won't jump up to the bed - I make daddy pick me up - of course if he doesn't I whine forever - and if he still doesn't - I finally do it!!! You'll be jumping off that bed in no time flat!

  12. Don´t worry about it, Lexi. You will learn that very soon.
    Aww! You´re so sweet!


  13. Hey there cutie-pie Lexi.
    You will see, jumping off the bed will soon become "NO PROBLEM". It's jumping ONTO the bed that eventually becomes a problem...not perhaps for you, but for the humans. What you should be focussing on, dear Lexi, is getting your paws really muddy before you do so :)

    But you really are a cutie-pie and I agree, blogging is tiring work!
    Tonsaluv Maxdog in South Africa

  14. Hi Lexi,
    Don't worry you'll get the hang of getting off the bed. When I was a puppy I had trouble getting up and down the stairs and then one day, it just happened and now I even run up and down them!
    Tail wags from Lucy

  15. Aren't humans great? I swear they'll do anything for us!