Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frosty Paws

My mom and I were reading Golden Samantha's blog and we saw that she had a yummy cold treat. My mom went looking for something like that for me because it has been so hot here. The only thing she found was "Frosty Paws". My mom said it is doggy ice cream. As soon as she and my boy got home from the store they gave it to me...........I took the cup and ran. How exciting something cold and tasty all for me...I took it in my kennel so I could be alone with it.
It was so good I just couldn't stop eating it. It took me a while because it was so cold. Mom was trying to take pictures of me but I couldn't be bothered....I was in heaven. Mom said she was surprised that I didn't eat the paper cup too.


  1. mmmm.. looks sooo yummy ^_^ and looks like you were SO enjoying it.. Is this your very first *very old* treat?

    Maltese Paws


  2. Oh, man-
    Looks like everyone but me is getting some sort of ice cream these days! My mom has this thing about "giving me people food", so I'm making sure she sees your post & buys me some frosty paws!! Looks like you REALLY enjoyed it!!


  3. Yummy! We make our own Frosty Paws for Sophie. We got the recipe from augiedoggy.com

  4. looks like woo liked it a whole bunches.. I nevfur had one.. mama nevfur got me1...


  5. I never tried frosty paws. That looks delicious! Looks like you´re enjoying a lot it:)

  6. Hi, Lexi!
    Glad you enjoyerd your Frosty Paws!
    We don't have it here but my mom makes it with yogurt and peanut butter! Yummy!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. That looks yummy, Lexi. We need to work on our mom to make us some. You're so cute to curl up in your crate with it.

    Tucker and Daisy

  8. ice cream treats just for doggies - that is cool!

  9. Yummies! Sammie always gets the BESTEST treats!! Hope it was deeeeeeelicious!
    Bye for now super cutie!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. OMDDDDDDDDDD Swwet Lexi!!!!
    Here in Italy we haven't those wonderful treats....Soooooooooooooo....pleaseeeeeee....can we visit you and eating one together????
    You look like an heaven visitor!!!!!!
    Lucky lucky lucky girl!!!!
    sweet kisses and licks

  11. Hi Lexi,
    I love Frosty Paws too! Sometimes my mom gets me a doggie size frozen yogurt at the ice cream store...it even has a dog bone on top!
    You sure look like you were enjoying your treat.
    Luv, Lucy

  12. Hi Lexi, you sure are getting big!! I loooove frosty paws, I can't wait til I can eat it again after I get off this bland diet!!!

    lotsa licks,

  13. You lucky girl, Lexi...I'm still icecream-less. Eat some for me next time, OK?
    Your pal,

  14. Oh yummers! Now I want to try that too!!!! I love that you picked up the whole thing and ran around with it to your kennel hehe! So glad you got to have some frozen delight! Great on hot days of summer, right?!!!
    Hugs xo

  15. That looks so yummy! I used to buy Frosty Paws (and still do when I'm being lazy) for Milly, but then I learned how to make doggie ice cream at home. Here's what I do:

    Take plain non-fat yogurt (or vanilla if you are using organic), add 3-4 cups of yogurt to a large mixing bowl, add 1 part water for every 3 parts yogurt, add .5 to 1 teaspoon honey (if you used plain yogurt) and stir, stir, stir - you can add more water to make it a lower fat treat. Then, you can freeze and serve this way, or flavor it - I will mash up 1 over ripe banana and mix that in OR 3-4 tablespoons of peanut butter OR 1 cup of Karob Chips (a chocolate substitute that is safe for doggies) and stir one last time. You then pour it into little dishes (I use small tupperware containers, or save the individual apple sauce plastic containers), cover with saranwrap and freeze. You can add a lot more water than I do and your dog will still love it if you want to get more out of the recipe, or if you are having doggie pals over.

  16. Hi Lexi,

    I heard they have those at Wallyworld. I keep asking mom to get us some but she hasn't yet. I am going to tell her you had some and said they were yummy!

    Wags & wiggles,

  17. I've had those before!!! SoooOOoooo good. You are one lucky pup.


  18. what a cutie you are lexi =o) i just met your mommy on flickr i've a boy named kovack =o) he's golden too ^^ nice to meet you to you and your mommy

    kristina (yuraccypark) & kovack