Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Need A Little Lift Sometimes

This is the chair by mom's work table. I like to sit in it sometimes because it is so comfy. I can not quite get in it by myself (hahaha). So I jump on it half way ......then I turn around and give mom a look so she knows to help me up. Mom lifts me the rest of the way into the chair.
Then I like to take a nice little nap. I'm not sure how long this will work for me but it's working good now. I guess mom doesn't notice that I can jump onto the sofa (to get in some ones lap) from half way across the room if I am in the mood.


  1. Looks really comfy, cute Lexi!

  2. LOL Lexi =D thanks for the giggles ^_^

    You sound SOOOO adorable with your acts. awwwh and that first picture of you is so precious. Who can resist !!!

    You go, princess ;)

    Maltese Paws


    p.s. we were excited to find out that you signed our guestbook =)

  3. Awwww! You look so very cute in the first picture!

    xoxo, Thor

  4. That looks like a comfy place, Lexi! It's almost the same color as you are, so I bet your mom likes that the hair shows up less!! Hope you don't outgrow it :)


  5. You are so cute Lexi!

    Solid Gold Momma

  6. We all need a bit of a lift at times!! Although I am not sure that we all pull it off as cute as you do!!!!

    ~Eclipse's Mom~

  7. Hey its nice to meet ya!
    Its our hoomans duty i think to help us when we need a lift! that chair looks so comfy!

    lotsa love

  8. You blend right into that chair, Lexi...make sure no one sits on you by mistake!
    Your pal,

  9. Our momma says that sooner or later one of two things is gonna happen. Either you will be huge and still asking for a boost (one of us did that) or you will hop into that chair all by yourself (one of us did that, too). Momma says that she prefers that we do our own hopping now cuz we are so big.

  10. Yes! If you are lookin' so cute like that, OF COURSE mom will let you! I've been a practicin' too Lexi!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. Hi Lexi,

    You look so comfy in that big chair. I bet it won't fit you so well before long though. Those silly hoomans are to easy. Give them a poor pitiful puppy look and they cave in everytime!

    Wags & wiggles,

  12. Lexi, you are the cutest thing ever!


    Sheila :-)

  13. You're so cute and you look playful. I want to play with you, but I'm too far away.

  14. Hi Lexi! :D

    The colour of the sofa matches with yours :D

    You're cute like always *.*

    Sweet licks, Bart ^^

  15. Hi, Lexi!
    Those pictures of you are adorable!
    I have the same problem. Due to my short legs I can't go up on my fav chair. But I have steps that help me!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs